A planted tree is a promise. It is through growth over time the tree and the associated ecological benefits can fulfil its potential to deliver its full range of benefits and, through these benefits, a return on the investment. As such landscape enhancements, which increase biodiversity, have a very different lifecycle to other such assets, their value and net biodiversity gain incrementally increases with time.

Griffin Landscape Architecture’s consulting Arborist assesses the condition of important landscape trees and advises on their management to inform private land owners, follow professionals, government bodies, and insurers. The aim is to conserve as many trees as possible whilst discharging the duty to public safety, and to promote the resilience and quality of our valuable trees.

Griffin Landscape Architecture specialise in public roadside tree safety, insurance & legal cases, environmentally responsible development planning, and progressive tree planting design. Our work ranges from assessing a single specimen tree to thousands of historic demesne trees, and from private developments and farms to historic state properties and public infrastructure projects. Our consulting arborist, is ISA accredited and certified Arborist with the ‘Irish Arboricultural Association’ with all tree surveys and arboricultural works compliant with the BS:5837.